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  • Baby name recommendation
  • Poor result in exam
  • Concentration problem in child
  • Career choice
  • Love affair problem
  • Marriage prediction
Kundali/Birth Chart Making

‘Kundali’ or ‘Birth Chart’ is calculated with someone’s date of birth,  time and place of birth. the planets, rashi, lagna, bhava, nakshatras and dashas can tell a person’s past, present and future. Get your birth chart made and get rid of all the problems of your life. lead your life with positive energy


Face Reading

A simple photo is enough to know about someone. Without date of birth or any information, true astrology can reveal everything from that photo. Planets leave their signatures physically on every person. 

Vastu Correction

Vastu problem can ruin you family life, career and health. Get your vastu checked and corrected immediately. Because when bad things are happening without any reason  or your best efforts are going to vain, there must be  negetive energy around the structures you are living in. It can be checked by either site visit or site plan study.

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Other practice areas


The study of your palm can predict your future accurately as your birth chart. Every problem, every aspect of everyone's life has a reflection on their hands.


Want to know favourable number for your car? Your favourable dates or name of your baby or company?

Spiritual Guidance

Feeling lost? Depressed? Trying to find out ways to connect to inner soul. I can help you find right way.

Black Magic Removal

Anything related to black magic is removed with help of higher spiritual understanding. If you have any doubt, dont be late.

Sadesati and Kalsarpa Dosh Remedy